Without Traction, Healthy and Sustained Business Growth is Impossible

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If you’ve ever gotten your car stuck in snow or mud, you know exactly what a lack of traction looks and feels like. Things are happening – the engine is running, wheels are spinning, and the radio is playing songs. Your vehicle is “keeping busy,” so to speak, but it’s not productive. It’s not going anywhere.

The same is true of a business without traction. When vision isn’t shared by all employees, your business drifts. Meetings happen. Reports are filed. People show up and sit at desks, but your business stays stuck in the mud. You don’t grow, you don’t advance, and you don’t achieve your goals (or even have a clear idea of what they are).

For businesses who haven’t been intentional about establishing traction, it’s entirely possible that their own leadership teams don’t have a full grasp of where the organization is going or what it needs to do to get there. This leads to repeated lack of accountability and communication breakdowns, hurting the culture of the business and its prospects for growth.

Without a process to guide you, it’s easy to get sucked into the day-to-day of being in business, which often leads to running around in circles without much to show for it.

EOS® says, “Strengthening the Traction Component gives everyone on the team a clear definition of what their responsibilities are, offering perfect clarity and timing on what has get done and what the deadline is. Through learning how to work as a cohesive unit by mastering all of the elements of traction, organizations can work towards the same goals and get more done in the same amount of time.”

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