Document Company Processes or Waste Time Chasing Information

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In Rocky II, trainer Mickey tells Rocky to chase a chicken to improve his speed and agility. It’s a nearly impossible ask, with Mickey comparing catching a chicken to getting a hold of “greased lightning.” Rocky tries, but fails at first. Leaning up against a wall, exhausted, Rocky remarks that he feels like “a Kentucky Fried idiot.”

People who work for companies that lack documented processes probably know that feeling. They’re asked to quickly execute internal tasks and client services, without any idea of where to start or what steps to take.

Chasing down scattered procedural information that lives inside random folders and people’s heads can be a nightmare, leaving employees feeling exhausted and foolish — sort of like catching a chicken.

EOS® calls Process “the secret ingredient in your organization.” When you put effort into systemizing your business, it will redefine operations for your team and your clients. EOS® provides the necessary tools to identify and document the critical core processes that keep your business humming.

Once those core processes are documented and shared across the company, everybody will suddenly be on the same page. It sounds simple enough, but clearly documenting and sharing is hard work, which is why too many businesses let critical knowledge sit tucked away in dark corners where it can’t be easily accessed.

Make sure that every person in your company knows and follows your core processes. That starts with documenting and sharing them, so you’re sure the information is readily available in the first place.

When that’s done, it’s going to encourage consistency across your organization and make it easier to scale when you’re ready to.

Interested in knowing more so that you can save your team from chasing down scattered information? Schedule a 90-minute meeting with me.

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