Do Your Meetings Suck?

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6 Secrets to Running More Efficient, Effective Meetings

As a professional EOS® implementer, one of the most important things I help clients with is establishing the right meeting pulse for weekly, quarterly, and annual meetings. Meetings need to be effective or they’re effectively pointless. If you’re tired of pointless meetings, it’s likely that you haven’t found the right pulse.

Your weekly leadership team meeting is the best place to find the right pulse for your business.

In Traction, Gino Wickman lays out the five points that help establish a successful weekly meeting pulse.


The Five Points Of The Weekly Meeting Pulse (from Traction by Gino Wickman)

  1. be on the same day each week,

  2. be at the same time each week,

  3. have the same printed agenda,

  4. start on time, and

  5. end on time


So, what is the 6th secret? It’s a detailed meeting agenda found on the next page (196) in the Traction book.

If you’d like to discuss the best agenda for your business, please contact me for a free copy of Traction*, a free conversation, or both.

*if you are an owner or leader in an Entrepreneurial Company located within an hour of Bloomington, IL

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