Create an Issues List and Fire-Proof Your Business

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Chances are, you’re not running a fire station. You don’t have the big red trucks. There’s not a pole in sight. The uniforms are totally off. Where are your hoses? Yet, for business leaders who obviously aren’t running a fire station, there are too many firefighters running around.

Not by choice, of course. Your team has simply taken up the mantle. They see fires, they put them out. The problem is that there are too many fires and not enough time spent fire-proofing your business.

When a business fails to bring issues into the open and address them, the entire organization tilts towards damage control. It’s a toxic cycle of trying to fix problems when it’s already too late. That pulls your team’s focus away from your Vision and makes it harder for your business to reach its goals.

EOS® has the answer for this and it’s not complicated: you need an Issues List. The fourth component in our series, ‘Issues,’ is all about identifying problems, discussing / finding the root cause, and then solving them for good.

In most companies, issues get swept under the rug because the company culture suggests it’s safer to avoid rocking the boat or hurting feelings than it is to raise a hand and help the company avoid damage. For businesses that run EOS®, the Issues component needs to start with a culture that embraces honesty and a mindset that puts the company’s welfare over individual egos.

That directive is going to have to come from the top. When a leadership team sets the right tone, every person, company-wide, will start to understand that things are operating differently with EOS® in place. I’d love to discuss more, with you, about the specific practices and tools for implementing an Issues List and solving the ongoing problems that beset your business.

Schedule a 90-minute meeting with me and we can relieve your team of their fire-fighting duties.


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