Who We Are.

Since January of 2016, Geiser Consultants have been engaged by successful companies with active owner involvement who want to grow. This includes increasing top line revenue, growing your bottom line and ownership transition planning...

A Little Of Our Story

Meet Harlan Geiser

Harlan Geiser co-founded Integrity Technology Solutions in 1993. Integrity is a successful $5M technology and business consulting company employing a team of over 30 professionals (www.integrityts.com). Harlan completed a successful 5 year succession plan at Integrity in February of 2015.

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Our Company Values


At Geiser Consultants, our expert coaching services provide practical ways to take organizations to the next level of performance through the specific services outlined in the slideshow below. As your coach, we will help you and your leadership team scale your business together.

Our relationship begins with a conversation where we learn about your business and your leadership team to gain an understanding of your goals so we can determine what we can do to help actualize your short term and long term vision.

Then, we take a more in depth approach to learning about your team members as well as giving them the opportunity to learn about each other. This communication and learning creates the internal alignment, focus, growth, and accountability needed to scale your business.

Feel free to reach out and we’ll start the conversation.